HSE Policy

HSE Policy

As SALEC is a leader company in networks’ infrastructure work, and where SALEC has a great interest to environment preservation and occupational health & safety through strategic planning for environment protection, assuring natural resources sustainability, participation in mitigation of global warming, maintain biodiversity & Eco-systems, identifying environmental risks & improvement opportunities, and prevention of pollution, injuries, ill health resulted from its activities, SALEC implements effective HSE management system; SALEC co. is committed to: 

• Assuring the concept of “Safety and Environmental is Line Responsibility” i.e. all the employees are responsible for the execution of this Policy and the all Managers to lead and involve the workforce in the application.

• Implement an effective HSE Integrity Management System with clear HSE objectives to achieve continuous performance improvement (ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018)

• Preventing or reducing risks and damages that affect the personnel and environment to minimum levels permitted by Egyptian law and international laws

• The Company will continuously assess all foreseeable risks; Aspects develop plans & procedures to ensure the protection of Company and contractors Workforce. The company will also avoid injury, ill health, harming to environment, damage or loss of assets & take all precautions to prevent the fire

• Provide full support to energy & water conservation.

• Continuous training to raise the efficiency of performance for all employees

• Comply with all applicable Arab Republic of Egypt laws and international laws are concerned.

• Ensure that its employees as well as contractors have the required skills and received necessary training to competently perform their tasks in a safe manner.

• Emergency Procedures and contingency plans will be in place, updated for all locations and periodical drills and exercises will be conducted.

• Study all types of incidents and aspects have them analyzed and control procedures established to minimize the undesirable consequences and prevent re-occurrence of similar accidents.

• Participation of non-administrative workers in the various points stipulated in the international standards

• All Managers be responsible to ensure procurement of materials, equipment, contracted services and facilities that cope with the International Codes and with Company Policy.

• Full coordination with the legal authorities, to ensure that the highest levels of HSE performance are achieved.

• Continued improvement and development of all HSE system and procedures for monitoring and measuring the Company and Contractors' performance, and taking corrective action where required.

• Achieve customer requirements and appease them fully and continuously

• Preparation and implementation of internal audits and management review to determine the Supreme continuous improvement points system

• Top management's commitment to the requirements of quality, safety and occupational health and the environment of the first responsibilities and insuring that understood and communicated to employee

• Making the HSE policy available to interested parties through its website

• The policy is reviewed periodically on an annual basis to ensure that it is appropriate to the nature and activity of the SALEC company 

ISO 14001
Environmental Management System
ISO 18001
Health & Safety Management System


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