Since its inception in 1993, BARQ Systems has consistently and successfully set and achieved its corporate and social goals. The journey to accomplish the company’s milestones has not always been a “breeze”. The company’s leadership has led the business through good and challenging times, and it still enjoys everyday of such journey.
From its beginnings as a startup organization, the company has expanded to become a leading supplier of high-end CIT systems, employing exceptional talents in our offices across EMEA.
It all started back in 1993
1993 - The company was established in Jeddah under the name of “SALEC” with primary focus on serving the demanding data and telecom networking needs of its customers with the rise of the Internet.
1998 -  SALEC established 3 offices in Saudi Arabia 
1999 - SALEC established its operations in Cairo, Egypt 
2000 - Starting 2000 and beyond, the company became an active player in the telecom market providing reliable value added services to telecoms and ISPs, and introducing technologies such as ADSL, WiFi, TVoIP, VoIP, and Security.
2003 - The company expanded into enterprise business when the requirement for carrier grade networks became a standard for large enterprise customers and governments. 
2013 - SALEC became part of BARQ Group to form a much larger organization with expanded footprint and coverage, offering their customers the same high level of quality services with more resilience, more comprehensive offering and a more capable team of professionals to back all this up.
2014 - BARQ Systems established its operations in Saudi Arabia, with offices in Riyadh and Jeddah.
2015 - BARQ Systems established its operations in United Arab Emirates.

2016 - BARQ Systems opens New High Tech Cairo HQ. The inauguration of Data Center.

2017 - BARQ Systems is targeting Africa in the Geographical expansion plan in 2017.

2018 - BARQ Systems is targeting Africa in the Geographical expansion plan in 2018.

Latest News

BARQ Systems announces new SOCaaS at Leap 2022

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia, 01 Feb 2022

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, February 1, 2022 —BARQ Systems, a leading regional IT services provider serving business and government clients across Middle East, and Africa (MEA), announced their transition to an Integrated IT Services Provider, offering a full-fledged Managed Services Portfolio.

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