BARQ Academy

The start you need
for a successful career!

How did we start?

  • The IT industry is incredibly competitive. As a result, thousands of fresh IT graduates and juniors find themselves in the dilemma of "where and how to start?" and "how to survive and make it to the right positions in a reputable company?" 

  • Bringing together all their knowledge and expertise, our team of experts has found the solution to this dilemma - the 3 principles of Giving, Earning, and Sustaining. 

  • As time went on, we began to re t contribute o the Sustainable Development Goals to raise the flags of Quality Education, Reduced Inequalities, and Decent Work & Economic Growth.


BARQ’s Mission

BARQ Academy was founded in 2017. Since then, we have set out  key commitments for our promising IT experts:

Commitment 1: We will support each student as they figure out the market requirements and deliver valuable insights into the corporate world.

Commitment 2: We will connect the students to relevant, accessible job opportunities.

Commitment 3: We will help students develop their soft skills.

Commitment 4: Our very own experts in the field will pass their knowledge to our future talents.

Commitment 5: We will guide our students through the process of creating their first resume.

Commitment 6: We will deliver extensive career coaching.

To support the commitments above, we pledge to provide our time, knowledge, and efforts to pave the professional way for future IT talents and help them to conquer any self-doubts or potential weaknesses.