We pledge to protect the planet

BARQ Systems is not contributing to the planet's demise by leaving behind waste or other forms of pollution. We strive to be a responsible business that has a good impact on the environment and provides a better green environment for future generations, thus we make certain that no waste or pollution is left behind.

How is it going?


Emissions and waste management

We take responsibility for our electronic waste and emissions by properly disposing of them and reducing our emissions to meet our Net Positive targets.

How do we help?

We have initiated partnerships and collaborations with third parties to help safely dispose of e-waste.

We have successfully recycled metal scrap waste from our warehouse which enabled us to offload our warehouse from unneeded materials.




Carbon emission and climate action

Carbon emissions have a leading role in climate change due to the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide invades our atmosphere during day-to-day activities such as driving a vehicle and burning fires.

How do we help?

We started measuring the impact of our carbon footprint and developed a new system to track our monthly fuel consumption.

We also hold a SGS ISO 14001 certificate which shows that our organisation is complying with the best practices for reducing our environmental footprint through an effective environmental management system (EMS).