It’s time to earn

In accordance with our three principles, we give all the facilities, services, and solutions to earn the ideal outcomes for society, through sustained practices and processes.

BARQ Systems supply, operate, and maintain a range of business IT assets. Take a look at our services.

Innovations by BARQ Systems

Our business focuses on innovation and creativity.



The next big thing.

We have built the team that will be responsible for implementing ‘the next killer app’ titled XCHANGE.

The selected team is currently studying the market and answering concept questions to determine whether we will proceed with the app implementation.



Discover your emotions box

This project was conducted with our machine learning and development technology.

Our ahead-of-the-curve interns created this box as a part of our innovation and well-being program.

The box can detect different emotions of the user using new technologies and is able to share positive messages accordingly.