NOC as a Service

Network Operation Center
Your 24/7 Network Monitoring

Has your company ever experienced a sudden network downtime? 

Forget about that now! BARQ Systems won't let that happen to you anymore.

BARQ Systems' Network Operation Center (NOC) continually employs first-line monitoring tools to evaluate the performance of your network to detect any potential issues and quickly resolve them before causing any damage. We call it your first-line support against any network failure. This first-line support covers all network and infrastructure components such as firewalls, servers, wireless systems, IoT devices, and Virtual Machines (VM).

Before exploring the comprehensive suite of BARQ Systems’ NOC services, here’s a look at the benefits that partnering with the BARQ Systems’ team can bring to your business:

Need-Based Services: BARQ Systems' NOC services are tailored to your business needs and capabilities. Each feature will be specifically customized to your infrastructure’s specific state to ensure the highest achievable results.

Cost Reduction: Instead of hiring employees dedicated to network operation services and paying for all their needs (from laptops and offices to high monthly salaries), BARQ Systems provides you with those experts. That means you only pay for the service!

Less Downtime: The BARQ Systems' team provides you with uninterrupted 24//7 remote monitoring. So, even if your IT team isn’t at the company, your system will still be up and running.

IT Effort and Time Saved: Let us handle all risk monitoring and analysis operations and give your IT team back some precious time to focus on what matters most: growing your business!

How We Do It:

BARQ Systems ensures the highest tier of NOC services through its strict selection process for its IT experts along with basing its operations on cutting-edge technology.

We have a large technical team that's experienced in every single solution in the field of information technology. With specialists expertly covering every corner of the field, each service in our NOC process has its own dedicated professional, ensuring your needs are met with maximum efficiency and expert care.

BARQ Systems goes through a highly detailed and accurate process to boost your infrastructure functionality. This process includes:

  • Preparation: As each business has its requirements and capabilities, we prepare our diversified tools according to the specific infrastructure of the business.
  • Network Monitoring: Our team monitors the network performance 24/7.
  • Troubleshooting: Investigating the root cause of network issues to solve them without affecting the uncorrupted components.
  • Incident Response (Recovery): As the BARQ Systems' team keeps a 24/7 open eye on each network, it doesn't allow any spur-of-the-moment network issues to cause any damage.
  • Reports (Lesson Learned): Preparing reports about network troubles, if any, and highlighting areas where new components are required for improved performance and preventing other similar potential network failures.

To ensure the highest quality of our NOC services and their results, we partnered with the greatest global companies in networking. We’re supported by:

  • Juniper: Holding one of the largest market shares for routers, switches, firewalls, and data center security appliances.
  • F5: Among the leading companies in networking solutions with its networking security and components’ availability (servers and cloud resources).
  • Fortinet: As one of the biggest cyber-security companies, we gain its support in the form of the FortiGate Next Generation Firewall (NGFW).
  • HW Group: Among the largest companies specializing in remote monitoring and IoT development, manufacturing, and distribution.