Security Assessment Services

Cyber-attacks are deeply rooted problems that can't be prevented with a single fixed solution. That's why companies need to continuously evaluate the security controls in their systems, computer networks, applications, servers, and the whole IT environment, searching for any current vulnerabilities and potential threats in order to:

  • Early identify any threats in the IT environment which contain sensitive data in any company.
  • Remediate all security gaps before causing any damage.
  • Protect your data from the non-stop development of data breaching.
  • Always comply with the cyber-security regulations of your country.

How we do it; we proactively help you find security flaws, and rapidly test any target using tactics including but not limited to the following:

Vulnerability Assessment

Although security assessment is a critical process that provides a deeper investigation of current and future vulnerabilities; some companies only want to conduct a vulnerability assessment as a component of security assessment. The role of vulnerability assessment is to assess your IT environment, on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid, detecting current vulnerabilities in order to eliminate them.

BARQ Systems’ technical team of cyber-security experts knows how to keep you protected from any security vulnerabilities through a convenient vulnerability assessment process that includes:

  • Identification: scan all IT environments and search for vulnerabilities.
  • Analysis: analyzing the identified vulnerabilities to know the root cause for them and their exact source.
  • Prioritizing: Ranking vulnerabilities according to their risk degree to determine which ones should be remediated immediately.
  • Remediation: Eliminating the suspicious activities and neutralizing the malicious attacks.

PEN Testing

Sometimes we need something bad to happen in order to determine where we stand and then decide what to do. It shouldn't be this way with sensitive data that controls the company's fate. Therefore, to identify weaknesses in our security, we'll breach ourselves before others get a chance to breach us.

BARQ Systems' team is specialized in making real-world attacks as another component of security assessment to assess your security systems and discover any vulnerabilities in your IT systems and networks and analyze their level of severity.
So, whether you need PEN Testing to identify as many vulnerabilities as possible in your organization's cyber-security systems or need Red Team Assessment to test your organization's capabilities to detect and respond to threats; BARQ Systems helps you execute your plan and achieve its goals.

Red Team
Your Ethical hackers.

Why wait for hackers to do their move while we can be your own trusted and ethical hackers instead? Just like in military forces, the best way to predict your attackers' next move is to put yourself in their shoes, and that’s exactly what BARQ Systems' red team does.

Red is a team of Ethical veterans who act like hackers. They are taking steps ahead of threats by mimicking real-world attacks. They do so by constantly trying to break into your systems to spot security flaws that may be used by actual criminal hackers.

The daily missions of the BARQ Systems’ red team include identifying the risk and susceptibility of attack against key business information assets, assessing the organization's ability to detect, respond, and prevent sophisticated and targeted threats, close collaboration with internal incident response and blue teams to provide meaningful mitigation, as well as comprehensive post-assessment debrief workshops, among other things.

The Technical Definition:
Red Team Engagements are known for their covertness and goal orientation. So much so that the defenders in the target organizations are almost never aware of the engagement.

Red Teaming uses adversary impersonation to improve the organization's overall security posture by organizing a Red Team, consuming threat intelligence to map against opposition tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), emulating those TTPs, reporting and analyzing the Red Team engagement's outcomes, and so on.

The findings of the Red Team go beyond the typical list of vulnerabilities discovered during a penetration test. They also provide a deeper comprehension of how an organization would fare in the face of a real threat and highlight areas of security weakness and strength.