Empowering Women

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." Michelle Obama.

Although moving in the right direction, there is still far to go on the road to gender equality. Our role is to pave the way for female prospects to secure the right position in the workplace.

How we contribute:

  • We are committed to increasing the percentage of females in our company.
  • We empower women to thrive in the world of IT.
  • We encourage more women to join the ICT workforce.
  • We ensure women are considered not just for regular positions but also in managerial positions.
  • We aim to prove that “Women are not less ambitious, but they seek the balance between work, life & family”.
  • We light the fire under women by providing maternity leave and maternity on-duty policies to enable them to acquire a better work-life balance, without compromising their career.